Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lady GaGa’s Puppy Love

Lady GaGa’s Puppy Love LADY GaGa got a puppy for her 26th birthday.

The singer’s lover, Taylor Kinney, splashed out on a four-legged friend for the Born This Way hitmaker’s latest birthday on March 28, and she returned the favor by buying him a cat.

“Taylor loves cats and GaGa wanted to give this stray cat a home,” a source said.

“She has already named it Polly. She has given the pet to Taylor so he can love it for ever and really cherish it.”

Taylor was recently seen shopping for a promise ring to give to GaGa.

“The promise ring is the biggest sign yet that they are thinking of getting married,” a source said.

“It signifies that they are in a completely monogamous relationship.

“They are both absolutely smitten with one another. He thinks it’s brilliant the way she hangs out with him and his pals, playing darts, at the bar, at the shooting range.

“She could soon be calling herself Mrs Gaga.”

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